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In my art quilts, I try to combine my art training in painting, my love of fabric and the tradition of American quilting.  I unconsciously combine the loose, free feeling of abstract painting with the time consuming and controlled techniques of sewing and beading.

I started making small bead and fabric collages in 1978.  The first fabrics I used were painted canvas and my father’s neckties.  The first large quilt I made was in 1985, and I have been completely obsessed with making art quilts since then --- quilts both large and small but always for the wall.  In June 2004, I completed a quilt (7’h x 10’w commission) for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, OH. (Work in progress on left)


I have been fortunate to be a full time artist since 1980.  Once I had more time to spend on my work, instead of making more quilts, I made quilts that took more time.  I love doing labor intensive art work --- it is an odyssey.  After working several months on a quilt, if I don’t think it is working then I must not cast it aside but “fix it”.  I often do this by building up and adding more embellishments and paint rather than taking it apart.  I do have patience and a vision --- which keep me going.

People often ask me where I get my ideas.  For me, that is the easiest part.  As most artists do, I love to observe people, nature, and the universe in general, and ponder.  This can be a blessing and a curse, but I try to accept it as a blessing.



64”h x 77”w
Collection of the artist

Once again, I find truth is often stranger than fiction, Since our dog really is mayor of our town,
I wanted to do a quilt about him. I also wanted it to work even if you did not know this fact.

72”h x 61”w
Price on Request

Last Suppers
69”h x 66”w
Price on Request

In most prisons in the United States, a prisoner who is about to be executed is allowed to make a final meal request. 
The meal is usually served the night before the execution. This is a strange and haunting ritual but perhaps these people
are the only ones who know what their last meal will be.  I have selected twelve meals that were requested.



Shroud for a Colorful Soul
44”h x 66”w
Collection of the artist

I have experienced Dia de los Muertos in the village of Patzcuaro in Mexico twice and have wanted to try to capture some of the spirit of this magic event. The simple dirt graves are transformed with flowers (especially marigolds), candles, sugar skulls, etc., for the holiday when the souls come back to visit their loved ones.
What a wonderful way to remember those who have passed on.



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