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“Subtly autobiographical, Jane Burch Cochran’s quilts tell the story
of her life as well as that of many other anonymous women.”
Robin Treen, Exhibits Director
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles





Looking for God
74”h x 64”w





The Last Dance
79”h x 69”w
Private collection

American Childhood
53”h x 42”w
Collection of Pam Monfort


For Dilsey
63”h x 61”w
Collection of George R. Stroemple





Life Line
68”h x 82”w
Collection of the artist

In rural Kentucky, I love to see the few remaining clotheslines with the clothes waving in the breeze --- a self-portrait of a family. Life Line is my self-portrait on a clothesline. On a good day, I like to think of myself as part gypsy butterfly, part pearly queen (a group of Cockney English who cover their clothes with buttons), and part moon chaser.




A Quilt for the Child I Never Had
39”h x 55”w
Collection of George R. Stroemple




Winged Victory (circa 1900-2000)
68”h x 71”w
Private collection

Invitational show: Comments on the American 20th Century, Connell Gallery, Atlanta , GA



“Art is something that one experiences alone
and for the purpose of realizing in a fresh way,
through the senses, the mystery of existence.”

Flannery O'Conner



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