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These quilts are from an ongoing series called Food for Thought
Although each quilt contains fabric food, the issues range from
celebrating the life of an artist who died too young
to honoring Marie Sims who cooked for
my father’s family in southern Virginia .





By Their Hands
55”h x 60”w
Collection of Kathy Cary         

Invitational show Women of Taste, A Collaboration Celebrating Quilt Artists and Chefs.
This quilt celebrates Kathy Cary, Louisville , KY




Homage to Diane Itter
72”h x 47”w
Collection of George R. Stroemple

Southern Devotion
85”h x 68”w
Collection of Joern and Karen Solteau



Deviled and Angel
55"h x 64"h
Collection of the artist



Surprise Party
72"h x 64"w
Collection of George R. Stroemple



Pot Luck
85"h x 68"w
Collection of Fidelity Investments
Covington, KY



Paper Plates and Bone China, Some Hand Painted
41"h x 52"w
Collection of George R. Stroemple



“Choices of imagery --- an apron edged in rick-rack, an enigmatic blackbird, a decorated cake --- are reminiscent of Eudora Welty’s ability to see the strange in the familiar, or of Flannery O’Connor’s sense of the spiritual in the commonplace.  It is surprising to learn that, despite Cochran’s birthplace and present residence in Kentucky , her growing up occurred in the Midwest and Northeast.  But then, perhaps the strength of the work comes from that tension between the neutrality
of the observer and empathy with the observed.”

Patricia Malarcher from an essay written for
American Craft when Jane received a SAF/NEA grant in 1993




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